BeagleBone Proto Cape

Model: CBB-Proto
Mfr: Logic Supply
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Quick and simple workspace for adding circuitry or components to your BeagleBone prototype project. Works with BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black. Supports SOT23 and SOIC IC's.

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Includes double sided Orange FR4 PCB and 2 x 46pin stacking headers. Through-hole solderpoints are spaced at 2.54mm (0.1") pitch. The GND, 3V, 5V, SYS5V and P8-P9 trace banks are all clearly marked on the PCB for easy identification. Includes dedicated traces and solder points for SOIC's and SOT23's.

With the lid in position "2", CBB-Proto will fit neatly in our own adjustable-height BB100 enclosure and protect your custom handy-work when completed. Perforations in the PCB give optional access to BeagleBone LED's and buttons by breaking-away the upper right corner. Throw in a jumper wire kit and solderless breadboard for testing and configuration. Add-on header connectors are available for stacking additional capes.

The Open Source design files are available on GitHub

Note: BeagleBone Black not included. Requires soldering.


Manufacturer Logic Supply